What I notice frequently in my yoga classes is the clumsy way which people get down to and up from the floor. This video shows how to use the Alexander technique to remove excess work and tension from these movements.

Here is the first of a series of videos which I will be making looking at the use of the arms in yoga practice and in everyday activities.

 This video was shot at my Berlin intensive workshop in 2018. I'm working with Marie -Teresa who has a problem with her knees. This pose coming forward and rotating over a bent front leg can potentially put a lot of pressure on the knee joint. So we needed to make sure that the weight was being borne directly form under the front foot rather than being dropped into the knee.

Also we were making sur...

“When I am teaching you as I do now, I am able to convey to you what I want to convey, because when I touch you and guide you with my hands in carrying out my instructions, I myself, am going up! up! up!” (1)

In the above quote from The Expanding Self Alexander, explains to Goddard Binkley the secret behind his amazing hands. The story has been passed down, that when Alexander first began teaching...

As I cry, shinny clear snot is running down my cheek, I try to snort it back up, too unmotivated to get up and get a hanky.

Once again I'm lying on the floor, between the bed and the window, wearing those faded black track suit pants that mean that I am feeling despairing and helplessness.

My partner is out, I don't do this in front of him, I don't talk about my depression and anxiety, I'm afraid...

This article looks at sitting twists from the viewpoint of an Alexander yoga teacher.

A major difficulty people may face in doing a range of yoga postures is having a faulty idea about how the body is designed to do the particular movement they are approaching. If their idea of the movement possibilities of the body is incorrect then they will inevitably run into problems, because they will be atte...

This is the first of a series of articles looking at yoga forward bends from the perspective of an Alexander technique and yoga teacher. The Paschimottanasana is an advanced forward bending posture, and in future articles I will look at a number of easier and more accessible forward bends.

As you read through my articles on different yoga postures you will notice a common theme; that every person i...

This article examines aspects of the downward facing dog pose from the perspective of an understanding of coordination based on the Alexander technique, by a teacher of Alexander Yoga.

The downward facing dog pose is one my favourite poses and one which anyone who has done yoga is familiar with. It has a number of benefits if it is worked correctly. It gives a whole body stretch from the feet, thro...

There are a couple of questions that I am frequently asked about the relationship between yoga and the Alexander Technique. The first by people, often teachers of the technique, is why on earth should you want to do yoga? Surely the Alexander Technique does not need to be mixed up with yoga and is a complete and satisfactory approach in itself. The second question by people who are not familiar wi...

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