There are two pathways to this qualification:


Trainees who are completing the Advanced Diploma of Alexander Technique Teaching at the school will participate with all other trainees over three years in developing the wide range of skills required to competently teach the Alexander technique in a wide range of activities, including participation in weekly yoga/movement classes at the school.

There is a one hour session each week as part of the Advanced Diploma looking at the application of the Alexander Technique to yoga. In addition on Mondays there is an extra one hour class immediately after the school session.

In the third years trainees will attend at least one  90 minute early morning session each week in addition to the regular school classes which will look in more detail at both self-practice and developing skills in further observation and adjustment in yoga postures. At present these sessions run from 7 to 8.30am on Mondays and Wednesdays.

From the third year trainees will also assist in the running of yoga classes on a regular basis over at least two terms in order to further develop their skills in an apprenticeship type learning situation. This gives trainees to experience the range of different people and issues which come up in a yoga class. In these classes the trainee will demonstrate their growing skills in observation and individual instruction and guidance.

Trainees are encouraged to visit a range of yoga classes and courses outside of the school in order to develop a knowledge of the range of approaches to yoga practice.

Trainees will also run their yoga classes under guidance at the school.


Qualified teachers of the Alexander technique need to demonstrate that they have been practicing yoga for at least 4 years and

Have completed a yoga qualification

This diploma is available only to fully qualified Alexander technique teachers. To gain this diploma you must be a teacher member of the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, or one of its affiliated overseas societies.


You must also have trained in yoga teaching, either through the school or elsewhere and in addition be able to demonstrate that you are able to completely integrate the principles and practice of the Alexander technique into your own yoga practice and teaching.


In order to gain this qualification you will need to demonstrate that you have been involved in regular yoga practice for at least three years and can:


1. Assess yoga students to identify their individual needs and requirements


2. Modify yoga postures so that they are suitable for individual needs


3. Clearly communicate Alexander technique principles and practice in the context of teaching a yoga class.


4. Guide and adjust students in yoga postures applying and highly developed awareness of correct coordination.


5. Balance different requirements when teaching a group class


6. Work confidently with yoga students with injuries, illness and other complex needs


Normally, if the teacher has not trained at the school, they will attend two terms of the early morning yoga sessions and be able to demonstrate their teaching some classes. Those who live outside of Melbourne who wish to be assessed should plan to spend at least a week here.

Diploma of Yoga and Alexander Technique Teaching

for Alexander technique teachers