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WITH David Moore


California Sun 3-4.15pm/ New York Sun 6-7.15pm

Taiwan, China, Singapore Mon 6-7.15am

Eastern Australia Mon 8-9.15am


The UK and Ireland 7.15-8.30am

Western Europe 8.15 – 9.30am

Taiwan, China, Singapore 2.15-3.30pm
Eastern Australia 4.15-5.30pm


The UK and Ireland 9 - 10.15 am

Western Europe 10 – 11.15 am

Taiwan, China, Singapore 4 - 5.15 pm
Eastern Australia 6 - 7.15pm

For those of you who can pay the cost is

A$20, €12, £11, US$14

You can pay for 5 classes - 25% discount applies.

Please pay to my PayPal account info@alexanderschool.edu.au 

in any of the above-noted currencies.


We have had to suspend yoga classes indefinately due to the Melbourne lockdown.
Certain social distancing and hygiene arrangements will be in place for those classes when we return

Our next major workshop in Yoga & Alexander Technique will be an annual school residential course taking place from 1-5 OCTOBER 2020.  

Smart Yoga

Hatha Yoga is an ancient system of harmonizing and centering mind, body and spirit.

 The yoga postures or asanas were developed in a traditional Indian society, amongst a society without chairs and consequently members of that society were more flexible in cross-legged sitting and squatting.

Rather than trying to get people to force their bodies into the shape of some of the classic yoga postures, Smart Yoga encourages people to move in ways that promote an opening and freedom, without putting pressure on the neck, back or knees, areas that are often injured by people trying to force their bodies into inappropriate movements.


About Us

The Melbourne Yoga Centre is Melbourne’s premier centre for the practice and teaching of Yoga and  Alexander Technique. Alexander Yoga is a subtle and sophisticated application of the Alexander Technique to Hatha yoga practice. All the teachers at the centre are qualified Alexander Technique teachers and hold a Certificate in Yoga and Alexander Technique Teaching from the School for F.M. Alexander Studies. They have completed a minimum of three years full time study in gaining this certificate.

Thanks to the specialised training of Alexander Technique teachers and our small class sizes, we can work with an individual, employing yoga postures that work for you.

Alexander Teachers are trained to use their hands to gently guide the student as they work in the posture.. Habits vary from person to person - we will help you to become aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and how to work constructively to strengthen, energise and free body and mind.

Enhance your Yoga

In these classes we look at the application of the Alexander Technique to this traditional discipline. In particular we pay attention to the way in which people move, rather than how far they move. People bring their habitual faulty patterns of movement to yoga practice, just as they do to every other activity of life. The emphasis in these classes is on identifying dysfunctional movement patterns, on learning to move in a non-habitual and easier manner. To us coordination is more important than flexibility.


Our Teachers


David Moore

I've been practicing yoga for the past 50 years  and teaching Alexander yoga classes for over 30 years. 

From 1979 - 1981 I spent  two years at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandam with Desikatchar' Krishnamachar. In 1984 I did an Iyengar teacher training in Sydney with Martin Jackson

I trained on the first Australian Alexander Teacher training course and I now run a school training teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Teresa Mears

Teresa has been teaching Alexander Yoga for several years. Having experienced the benefits of Alexander Yoga in her recovery from Repetitive Strain Injury, Teresa loves helping others apply the Technique to yoga and enjoy the improvement in ease and range of motion that results. As well as yoga, she enjoys applying the Technique to a wide range of interests including singing, improvisational comedy, and running.

Caroline Blackshaw

Caroline has been a huge fan of yoga for the last 26 years. She established Yoga Hut in 2004 after completing her Diploma with the Australian Institute of Yoga. She sees yoga as a wonderful tool to help enable practitioners to use their bodies well throughout their lives. Alexander Technique It makes simple movements feel lighter and easier and helps alleviate tension and pain in the body.   

Yoga and Alexander Technique together offer a subtle method of changing harmful habits and help you move towards less pain and more freedom in all your daily activities.

Anne Carroll

Anne has practiced yoga for 20 years, qualifying in 2008 as a yoga teacher. After a number of challenging years of chronic pain, she encountered the Alexander Technique and its application to yoga. Her body experienced a more connected sense of moving, a possibility for opening out of the contracted and painful state she found myself. This led to a life-changing journey, which included qualifying as an Alexander Technique Teacher in 2016. She is passionate about the transformative effects of applying the principles of the Technique to everyday movement and yoga.

Contact Us

Melbourne Yoga Centre & School for F.M. Alexander Studies

330 St. Georges Rd., Fitzroy North, VIC 3068

Email: info@melbourneyogacentre.com.au

Tel: +61 3 9486 5900 

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